Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University - Courses

*Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University
Lalitha Kala Kshetram
Public Gardens
Hyderabad-500 004
Andhra Prasesh

Ph;040 23230641, 040 23230641

e-mail : info@teluguuniversity.ac.in

Regular Courses;
Kalapravesika Karnatic Music (Vocal, Mridangam, Veena, Violin, Flute, Nadaswaram, Dolu)
Kalapravesika Kuchipudi Nrityam
Indian Management & Personality Development
(Telugu and English media)

Certificate in Jyothisham
Certificate in Kuchipudi Nrityam
Certificate in Karnatic Music
(Vocal, Mridangam and Violin)

Diploma in Lalitha Sangeetham
Diploma in Harikatha
Diploma in Yakshaganam
Diploma in Mimikri
Diploma in Padya Natakam
Diploma in Jyothisham
Diploma in Kuchipudi Nrityam

P.G. Diploma in Linguistics and Language Teaching.
P.G. Diploma in Theatre Arts
P.G Diploma in Travel & Tourism
(Telugu and English media)

P.G Diploma in Modern Architecture & Jyotirvaastu

B.F.A Sculpture & Painting

M.A Telugu
M.A. in Applied Linguistics,
M.A Karnatic Music
(Vocal, Mridangam and Veena)

M.A Kuchipudi Nrityam
M.A Andhra Natyam
M.A Folk Arts
M.A Theatre Arts
M.C.J(Master of Communication & Journalism)

M.Phil Telugu
M. Phil Linguistics
M.Phil Folk Arts
M.Phil Theatre Arts
M.Phil in Comparative Literature
M.Phil History, Culture & Archeology
(Full Time / Part Time)

Ph.D Telugu
Ph.D History
Ph. D in Linguistics
Ph.D Jyothisham
Ph.D in Comparative Literature
Ph.D in Folk & Tribal Lore

Distance Courses;
Certificate Courses;
Sangeetha Visharada (Telugus media)
Kalapraveshika in Folk Arts (Telugu media)
C.C.M.T (Certificate Course in Modern Telugu) (English Media)

Diploma Courses;
Diploma in Sanskrit (Telugu media)
Diploma in Light Music (Lalitha Sangeetham)
(Telugu media)

Diploma in Film Writing
(Telugu media)

P.G.Diploma Courses;
P.G. Diploma in Lingustics and Telugu Teaching (PGDLTT)
(Telugu media)

P.G. Diploma in Folk Arts (Telugu media)

Degree Courses;
B.A. Music (Telugu media)
B.A. Dance (Telugu/English media)
B.A. Special Telugu(Telugu media)

P.G. Courses;
M.A Telugu
M.A Sanskrit
(Telugu/English/Sanskrit media)

M.A Astrology (Jyothisham) (Telugu/English Media)
M.A. E.L.T (English Language Teaching)(English Media)
M.A. Tourism Management (Telugu/English Media)
M.C.J(Master of Communication & Journalism)(Telugu media)

Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University Campuses & Names;
Hyderabad Campuse-Lalitha Kala thoranam

Rajahmundry Campuse-Nannaya Pranganam

Sri Sailam Campuse-Palkuriki Somanatha Pranganam

Warangal Campuse-Pothana Pranganam

Kuchipudi Campuse-Sri Siddhendra Yogi Pranganam

Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University-Schools and Centres;
School of Language Development-Hyderabad Campus

School of Fine Arts-Hyderabad Campus

School of Social and other Sciences-Hyderabad Campus

School of Comparative Studies-Hyderabad Campus

School of Literature-Rajahamundry Campus

School of History, Culture and Archaeology-Sri Sailam Campus

School of Folk and Tribal Lore-Warangal Campus

Sri Siddhendra Yogi Kala Pitham-Kuchipudi Campus

Centre for Preparation of Encyclopedia-Hyderabad Campus

International Telugu Centre-Hyderabad Campus

Centre for Distance Education-Hyderabad Campus

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